UPDATED 5/25/16

Welcome to the OFI Website

For any further questions please contact the Executive Director,
Alison Taylor, by email at:  ofi@nfine.net.

What is OFI? 

The Oregon Family Institute (OFI) is a private, nonprofit agency focusing on education, research, and development of services. The organization was founded in 1989 by Professor Stanley Cohen and Nolan Jones to help courts develop more effective family court services.  We are entirely sponsored by donations, and revenues from training other professionals. 
In 2003, the Board confirmed OFI's mission:

Mission Statement

Oregon Family Institute is committed to helping families who are experiencing transition and conflict, and the court programs that serve them.

Oregon Family Institute

You can tour our website by clicking on these links:

BOARD. OFI's board is composed of judges, lawyers, mental health professionals, and other professionals who are interested. Click on this to find out the next board meetings and current notices to board members.

CONSULTATION. OFI consults with court administrators and judges, attorneys, local family law advisory groups (LFLACS), and community groups to assess needs and determine new directions. Contact the Executive Director to request help.

TRAINING. OFI provides training to private practitioners in new and on-going programs . Look here for schedules.

PARENT EDUCATION. OFI has helped to develop programs for parent education which are currently in use in many jurisdictions. OFI has also helped sponsor the use of a specialized curriculum for high-conflict families, called Parents Beyond Conflict. Go here to find out out more about current programs, and plans for the future.

EVALUATIONS. OFI promotes the use of Collaborative Evaluations, an innovative model that combines high quality evaluation with mediation by the parties. Go here to get current referral information by geographic location.

NEW PROJECTS. OFI is has helped develop training for the Probate/Guardianship Mediation program in Multnomah County, and is interested in helping create better conflict resolution processes fr family transitions beyond divorce, such as families dealing with care, placement, and guardianship issues for elderly or incapacitated family members. New ideas listed here.

DONATIONS. OFI is a non-profit that exists on grants and donations. We have a new musical we are supporting.

LINKS. OFI collaborates with many organizations, and would like to share resources now available online here.